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About Us
Welcome to Planytool, a startup focused on creating open source design tools to help you design your day and get control over technology

  The Tools
We design icon sets that are available for download to be used with Microsoft OneNote and sync with mobile version. Scroll site for downloads
We are aiming to crowdfund our programming research. We managed to crowdfund a new Lumia Phone and Toshiba Windows Tablet, Yay!

Download the icons here


Work This is the icon set for organizing and planning your work tasks. We tried to make the icons as wide as possible but...


Intellect You need to take breaks from work. Your brain can't keep productive for over one and a half hour doing the same...


Social Your brain loves the dopamine hit of facebook likes, mail sent, twitter retweets. Don't stop it, just choose wisely the time of...

Me Time

Me Time Super small stuff that probably you do not see them as fundamental for achieving your life goals, are in fact some...

Snacks and Beverages

Snacks and Beverages The today's mind worker, needs to refuel the body, glucose is spent at 20% rate when you use your brain...


Prioritize This set was created to improve the relevance of work tasks and get control of the bigger picture. Choose the tasks that...